HEAT Software Rolls Out HEAT Service Management 2015.1

Wide Range of New Availability Metrics, Business Analytics, Search Functions and Upgraded UI Broadens Service Management Capabilities

Milpitas, Calif.- May 18, 2015HEAT Software, the leading provider of Hybrid Service Management and Unified Endpoint Management software, today announced the general availability of HEAT Service Management 2015.1. The company is introducing a series of significant application enhancements for service support professionals looking to deliver critical insights into overall service availability, cost and performance.

“True service automation is a combination of leveraging the right technology for the right task underpinned with best practices to achieve optimal performance and service delivery across the enterprise,” said Udo Waibel, chief technology officer (CTO) at HEAT Software. “With the release of HEAT Service Management 2015.1, we are continuing in our efforts to provide service desk administrators with the essential tools and solutions necessary to apply intelligent ITIL-based workflows to accelerate mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). In addition, this release provides service delivery managers with the IT financial metrics and analytics to better manage and determine costs associated with delivering services.” What’s New in HEAT Service Management 2015.1?Redesigned Search: Advanced and saved searches are now merged, hierarchical grouping of searches are easier to read and related object searches can be tracked by record count. Plus, searches can be conducted by grouping objects (for example, Knowledge and CMDB). • Enhanced Reporting: An Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) allows reports to be generated without the need for a remote desktop connection. Also, a new Business Intelligence Design Studio is provided to improve service desk analytics. • Extended Discovery: Along with new global capabilities, settings can be prioritized for primary and secondary software to improve service desk efficiency. With additional inventory settings, user input scripts can be used for interactive input from Discovery clients as custom data. New discovery features also extend to gateways that can deploy agents to generate computer lists, domain lists and IP address ranges. • New Availability/Event Management: This new module tracks outages and enables service desk administrators to report on both mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) and mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). It also tracks service availability across the enterprise. • Comprehensive Alerts and Analytics: Track available percentage levels across multiple variables that include the following: per service, SLA performance per service and customer satisfaction. The new analytics extend to reliability (hours) per service; maintainability (hours) per service; and event frequency (count) per service. Availability threshold alerts are based on target versus actual levels. • SAP Solution Manager Integration: Support is now provided for bi-directional synchronization of content, in addition, incidents created in HEAT Service Management can now be synchronized with SAP Solution Manager. For more information, please visit HEAT Software’s website at www.HEATsoftware.com. About HEAT Software HEAT Softwareis a leading provider of Hybrid Service Management and Unified Endpoint Management software solutions for organizations of all sizes. With its suite of applications, HEAT Software is the only company in the world that provides, from a single platform, Service Management and Unified Endpoint Management software on-premise and in the cloud. HEAT manages millions of service interactions and millions of endpoints every day for thousands of leading organizations across IT, HR, Facilities, Finance, Customer Service and other enterprise functions. Its customers deliver world-class servicewhile maximizing operational efficiencies with reduced cost and complexity. HEAT Software is headquartered in Milpitas, Calif. For more information, visit www.HEATSoftware.com.