Malmö Högskola Lowers Licensing Costs with FrontRange Discovery from FrontRange Solutions

Easier management, complete control and lower costs resulted from Malmö Högskola’s decision to deploy an automated licensing solution from FrontRange Solutions


Easier management, complete control and lower costs resulted from Malmö Högskola’s decision to deploy an automated licensing solution from FrontRange Solutions

Pleasanton | Monday, February 01, 2010 — FrontRange Solutions, the market leader in solutions for application license management, today announced that Malmö Högskola has chosen FrontRange Discovery to gain control over its licenses. FrontRange Discovery was chosen due to its ability to quickly and effortlessly discover any discrepancies between the number of installations and the actual usage of different applications. Another contributing factor in the decision was FrontRange Discovery’s ability to ensure that Malmö Högskola no longer pays unnecessarily high licensing fees.

”We looked at a number of different solutions, but decided to choose FrontRange Discovery after an independent evaluation showed us it had exactly the functionality we were looking for,” said Åke Jansson, IT Manager at Malmö Högskola. ”We were unsure of whether we had too many or too few licenses. FrontRange Discovery’s automated tool has greatly facilitated the work for the IT staff. We can now quickly and easily get a central overview of all information regarding both hardware and software from all manufacturers, and also information on how it is being used,” continued Åke Jansson.

Malmö Högskola previously lacked a good license management solution and the IT department found it difficult to determine whether they hade too many licenses or too few, and thus didn’t know if they were paying too much or not enough in licensing fees. The situation was further complicated by the fact that software purchases hade previously been decentralised to the different department heads. And so, the decision was made to purchase FrontRange Discovery. Already, just a month after deployment, the IT department had a clear overview of the usage levels of different applications. New licensing contracts can now be negotiated at the right levels.

FrontRange Discovery, which has been installed on one of the school’s servers, is compatible with a number of different operating systems and is centrally distributed to all of the school’s computers, without affecting the performance of the computers or disrupting the users in any way. The server collates all the gathered information into clear, concise reports of the school’s installations of applications from any software developer. The IT staff will quickly be made aware of any changes in the IT environment such as a student or staff member installing a new application, something which was impossible before FrontRange Discovery was installed.

”We can now ensure that we adhere to our contracts, without having to pay for extra licenses unnecessarily. It’s also possible for us to forecast future costs when we need to perform software or hardware upgrades. An additional benefit is that our support staff can use the tool to help students and staff with their IT problems,” concluded Åke Jansson.

”Malmö Högskola has solved its license management issues in a short space of time, and they have also chosen to share their experience with other universities and schools. Building on this success, we hope to have the opportunity to help other schools get control of their license management,” said Mats Grönlund, sales manager at FrontRange Solutions’ Swedish partner, Optimal2.

Malmö Högskola has also invested in FrontRange Solutions License Manager, a tool that among other things enables the school to reuse licenses when they upgrade their computers, and automates and simplifies large portions of the work with licenses and contracts.

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