Welcome Absolute Software Customers

On October 5th, 2015, Absolute Manage and Absolute Service businesses officially became part of HEAT Software.

We are very excited about the future possibilities for both Service Management and Unified Endpoint Management with the addition of these market-leading solutions to our portfolio.

Both Absolute Manage (rebranded as HEAT LANrev,) and Absolute Service (rebranded as LiveTime,) continue to be supported by the same development teams, now HEAT Software employees. The field sales teams and the Global Support specialists for both products have also joined HEAT Software.

For more information on this announcement, please see the press release.

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HEAT LANrev (formerly Absolute Manage)

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Contact Sales: LANrev.Sales@HEATsoftware.com

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LiveTime (Formerly Absolute Service)

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Contact Sales: LiveTime.Sales@HEATSoftware.com

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Please look for LANrev and LiveTime at HEATSoftware.com/Support with details about the Customer Portal, Knowledge Base, support contact information and more.