Are You Effectively Tracking your IT Assets?

It’s no secret that IT assets are incredibly valuable components of the corporate enterprise; yet, while many understand why acquiring these assets is essential, the value of effective asset lifecycle tracking often goes unrecognized. The reality is that corporate IT assets should never be “ignored” once deployed; rather, they must be understood and actively managed throughout their use.
  • When companies fail to track an IT asset throughout its lifecycle, they can:
  • Incur unnecessary additional expenses
  • Be challenged to scale resources easily
  • Weaken their level of customer service
  • Heighten their risk of security vulnerabilities
  • Overlook opportunities to optimize asset performance
However, given the rapid expansion of IT asset accumulation across industries, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to effectively track their assets.. For companies with small-to-mid-size IT departments, or even for companies with expansive IT departments, it’s challenging to keep up with such a sprawling IT landscape. It’s for this reason that corporations benefit from our HEAT Discovery solution, which offers companies a comprehensive picture of their IT assets in a seamless and efficient fashion. With this knowledge, companies can more easily identify opportunities for optimization and efficiency. The data generated from the HEAT Discovery solution helps companies maximize savings and expedite implementation, while affording greater peace of mind in knowing the system conducts automatic, ongoing inventory management. And did you know? Effectively tracking your IT assets can reduce hardware and software purchases by up to 50%. Learn more about how your company can better track all of the assets within its expanding IT infrastructure by visiting our HEAT Discovery data sheet.