November Patch Tuesday: Election Style

November Patch Tuesday is forced to share the spotlight this month. It’s Election Day in the U.S. and likely on the minds of most people. However, Microsoft also released 14 security updates today, 6 of which are rated critical. Thankfully, there is just one active exploit on an older version of Windows this month so once you’ve cast your vote,

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HEATwave 2016: Ride the wave to a digital first future

The HEAT Software team will be taking London by storm in this year’s HEATwave event on Wednesday 2nd November, at The Crystal Building, E14. Find out more about our IT Service Management and Unified Endpoint Management solutions from our community of executives, customers, and industry experts who will be hosting inspiring talks and hands on training sessions and demonstrations.

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The History of the Ransomware Threat

Interestingly, ransomware is not a new thing. It first appeared in 1989 with a Trojan program called, “AIDS Trojan,” which was spread by floppy disk. The AIDS Trojan used several tricks to hide files and encrypt their names using symmetric cryptography. The author extorted a $189 fee from users to provide a restoration tool. The author was identified and forced to stop the distribution,

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HEATwave 2016: Join us!

From New York to Las Vegas, we’re hitting the road over the next few weeks to show you how to strengthen your organization’s IT infrastructure, and successfully tackle and solve challenges around service delivery, endpoint management, and security.

Our free, one-day HEATwave events are a combination of expert hands-on training,

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The Enterprise Service Catalog—Unifying IT Services for the Digital Age

While service catalogs are not new, they are becoming increasingly critical to enterprises seeking to optimize IT efficiencies, service delivery and business outcomes. They are also a way of supporting both enterprise and IT services, as well as optimizing IT for cost and value with critical metrics and insights. In this blog we’ll look at how and why service catalogs are becoming ever more important both to IT organizations and to the businesses and organizations they serve.

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The Real Reason Apple Users Are Treated Like Second-Class Citizens

(With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy) You might be an Apple user if…

  • You get blank stares from your IT department when you ask for SUS assistance
  • Your company help desk constantly “escalates” through at least four technicians before you get to someone who can actually solve your problem
  • You have to manually provision and update your own devices
  • You have to reformat Word documents so they are readable by your peers
  • You are stuck with aging devices because it’s too difficult to move your environment to something new
  • You’ve ever heard the words,

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14 Bulletins for September Patch Tuesday

The lazy days of summer are definitely over as Microsoft released 14 bulletins in today’s September Patch Tuesday. There are 7 updates rated critical so it is time to get to work. The bulletins also include an update for Adobe Flash Player that’s important for most Windows users to address so all in all,

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Endpoint Management and Security – More Effective as Partners than Adversaries (Part 1 of 2)

The primary function of enterprise IT management is to empower end users with access to technology resources that will boost their productivity and job performance. However, this focus is at odds with the core precepts of IT security which are adopted to minimize the exposure of enterprise systems, applications, and data. I recall that in a number of IT operations management adventures throughout my career,

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Windows 10 – 1 year later

Windows 10…One Year Later

Time flies when you’re upgrading operating systems. It has officially been a year since Microsoft introduced Windows 10 to much fanfare and approbation. Acceptance of the platform was almost immediate, with many users simply grateful to migrate away from the much-maligned Windows 8 environment. At the core of the problems with the previous edition of Microsoft’s flagship OS was that the GUI was designed to function more effectively on a tablet than on a PC,

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Back to School with August Patch Tuesday

It’s the time of year where back to school is on the minds of many. As your brain shifts out of summer vacation mode, remember the cardinal rule of security and put it into practice: don’t provide administrative access to anyone who doesn’t absolutely have to have it. Users should ALWAYS have the least privilege they need for their jobs. 

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HEAT Software 1:1 iPad Education Program

Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your 1:1 iPad Education Program

There is no greater investment we can make in the future than to prepare our children to successfully navigate the challenges of tomorrow. Of course, predicting the workforce requirements of the future is a bit like trying to capture a fly with a cargo net—just when you think you have it,

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Another 16 Updates for June Patch Tuesday

Don’t take off on that summer vacation just yet – Microsoft released another 16 security bulletins in today’s June Patch Tuesday and 5 of those are rated critical. While there are quite a few updates to be made, both on the client and server side, across a broad range of legacy and current code, the good news is none of them are under active exploit.

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