Back to School with August Patch Tuesday

It’s the time of year where back to school is on the minds of many. As your brain shifts out of summer vacation mode, remember the cardinal rule of security and put it into practice: don’t provide administrative access to anyone who doesn’t absolutely have to have it. Users should ALWAYS have the least privilege they need for their jobs. 

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HEAT Software 1:1 iPad Education Program

Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your 1:1 iPad Education Program

There is no greater investment we can make in the future than to prepare our children to successfully navigate the challenges of tomorrow. Of course, predicting the workforce requirements of the future is a bit like trying to capture a fly with a cargo net—just when you think you have it,

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Another 16 Updates for June Patch Tuesday

Don’t take off on that summer vacation just yet – Microsoft released another 16 security bulletins in today’s June Patch Tuesday and 5 of those are rated critical. While there are quite a few updates to be made, both on the client and server side, across a broad range of legacy and current code, the good news is none of them are under active exploit.

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Eight Ways to Stay Secure While Traveling

If you travel, you’re a target for thieves—and your digital assets are highly-prized. Thieves covet usernames and passwords that give them access to a treasure trove of information and the chance to go for a ride on your dime.

What’s a road warrior to do? Common sense dictates never entering your username or password into a hotel or business center computer—or any public computer for that matter.

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The (Sad) Case for BYOD Management

It wasn’t that long ago we were debating the value (improved productivity; increased employee satisfaction) personal mobile devices could bring to the enterprise, beyond BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Note I say ‘could.’ Just a few short years ago, we were still discussing whether or not organizations should allow employees to rely on mobile devices for work and whether that would come via personally owned devices or a fleet of pre-approved devices owned and managed by the organization.

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People Weak Link in Security Chain, Says New Report

If you pay any attention to infosec headlines, you’ve likely seen it’s once again that time of year when Verizon releases its Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). The 9th annual report was released yesterday and while much of it isn’t surprising, it is entirely disheartening.

A quick review of the findings show cybercrime continues to target what hackers obviously deem the weakest link in the chain,

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Zero-Days Make April a Critical Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released 13 bulletins for April Patch Tuesday today; 6 of which are rated critical. Thirty vulnerabilities have been addressed in total and the software impacted is widespread. Perhaps most importantly, there are also zero-days in the mix. To avoid compromise, IT should get these updates made quickly.

First on your list of priorities this month should be the security update for Adobe Flash.

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Emerging Endpoint Security Trends for SMB

How can SMBs protect their networks and digital assets without breaking the bank?

For all the focus on mega-enterprise security—and all the high-profile data breaches at major corporations—enterprises aren’t alone in the endpoint security battle.

Think about it for a minute. When was the last time you got through a day of e-mail without a spam e-mail with a nefarious link or attachment?

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How to Avoid a King’s Ransom

Taking an item of tremendous value – data belonging to an organization or an individual – and demanding compensation for its return is a highly effective way for criminals to get what they want. This criminal act is achieved through ransomware and, because it is effective and generally not all that complicated for a cybercriminal to carry out,

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iOS 9.3 to fix serious iMessages encryption flaw

For some time, Apple has forcefully pushed a message to consumers that it takes privacy seriously.

Here, for instance, is what Apple’s website says about its approach to privacy when it comes to iMessages:

Your iMessages and FaceTime calls are your business, not ours. Your communications are protected by end-to-end encryption across all your devices when you use iMessage and FaceTime,

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