Secure Alternatives to Android

In my previous post I discussed the flurry of Android vulnerabilities which have come to light over the last year or so. TowelRoot, Fake ID, Android Installer Hijacking, Stagefright, and Certifi-gate have been publicly announced. Some of them have been around in Android for years. Creating patches for your Android devices is a long complex path,

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Do Android Flaws Have You Looking for Alternatives?

Android security flaws have become more frequent in the news lately. At least one of them, Stagefright, has been quite severe. The worst part is now that these vulnerabilities have publicly disclosed, everyone including cybercriminals are aware of them. The details needed to compromise devices have been published by every level of media,

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Why the MDM Rush?

With mobile devices continuing to drive consumer and enterprise marketplace trends, there is no lack of Mobile Management Device (MDM) vendors to choose from—and one more just entered the market.

Lumension just rolled out Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite with Mobile Device Management v8.0. What sets it apart from the scores of other vendors?

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Past, Present and Future of Endpoint Security

In the throes of holiday shopping season, 110 million Target customers woke to the news that cleverly placed malware had pilfered their credit- and debit card numbers, along with other sensitive data. We aren’t yet certain who was behind the massive attack on Target and, evidently other large retailers, or how the heist was orchestrated.

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Is Mobile Shopping Safer This Holiday Season?

With the holiday shopping season upon us, scammers, cyber criminals and other nefarious characters come out of the Internet woodwork. Security experts are warning consumers should be cautious during the holiday shopping season to protect personal and financial data from being compromised. Banks and retailers should also be on high-alert.

Consider just a couple of the telling statistics: Trend Micro researchers identified more than 200,000 malware infections targeting online banking in the third quarter.

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Avoiding the User Blame Game

It might not be part of any formal forensics or incident response policy, but odds are at most organizations, whenever a malicious hacking attack hits the mark there’s one step rarely missed: blaming the user.

Users do some boneheaded things sometimes so pointing the finger at them is easy. But the truth is if IT has never developed a systematic way to make sure users know about the risks and company policies meant to reduce those risks online,

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BYOD or BYOT (Bring Your Own Threat)…The Case for Mobile Devices as Endpoints

Lumension recently conducted a survey of more than 1,600 IT professionals on Linkedin regarding their thoughts on BYOD and mobile security. You can check it out here. There is a lot of interesting information in this survey, with one of the main takeaways was for these respondents’ organizations, BYOD is really all about end-user satisfaction and productivity.

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Global 2013 Trends in Data Protection Maturity

Protecting sensitive information has become increasingly difficult the last few years – if you haven’t recognized this fact and modified your security approach recently, you’ve got issues.

One reason for this is the explosion of mobile devices on our networks. While convenient for our users and a significant productivity booster for our business,

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PSA for Evernote Users: Change Your Passwords

Another day, another breach of a popular cloud-based service. This time it was Evernote, a wildly popular personal note taking app for tablets like iOS devices (iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches) and similar Android devices. The breach was apparently discovered on Thursday 02/28 and made public on Saturday (03/02) morning.

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Are You Prepared for the Flood of Gifted Mobile Devices?

It’s the Nightmare Before After Christmas

Christmas 2012 may have been a geek’s dream but it will likely become the CIO’s nightmare.

As reported by The Daily Mail, Christmas shoppers snapped up one tablet computer EVERY SECOND and retailers report sales up 1,000% over 2011. Tablets were one of the hottest Christmas gifts of 2012 so now that the holiday is over and everyone is back to the grind,

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Disheartening Disconnect Identified by 2013 State of Endpoint Risk Study

I’m concerned about the results of our fourth annual State of the Endpoint study just completed by the Ponemon Institute. Over the years, IT pros have reported shrinking confidence in the security of their networks. While this year is no different, the number of IT security pros who responded no, they are not more confident or don’t know has edged up yet again.

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Where Did We Fall on 2012 Predictions?

About this time last year, I wrote out my predictions for the good, bad and ugly of 2012. While pulling together what I think the 2013 IT security landscape will look like (which is the topic of my SecuritySCAPE 2012 presentation and subsequent blog posts here on Optimal Security), it’s always interesting to first look back at how I did.

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Wipe Your iPhone Before Upgrading to iPhone 5

In the rush to upgrade to a new phone, you are probably tempted to sell off your old phone. Personally, I wouldn’t. But, if you choose to sell it, on eBay or anywhere else, remember to first be thorough in wiping the data. If you don’t, you could be giving away your very valuable data –

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