Patching Haste Makes Waste

Sometimes it’s better if software patches don’t come out too quickly. Such was the case when Microsoft issued its regular round of Patch Tuesday updates earlier this month, leaving some unhappy.

Some PowerPoint users, for instance, found that a fix designed to make PowerPoint 2013 more stable was actually causing more problems than it aimed to solve –

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Early Start to Holiday Fireworks with July Patch Tuesday

Microsoft kicked off the fourth of July fireworks a little early this year by announcing 6 bulletins that will be released in next week’s Patch Tuesday. Two are critical, three important and one moderate. Datacenter administrators shouldn’t plan to be away too much next week since every bulletin impacts nearly every supported Windows Server version.

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Microsoft Kicks Off Summer with 7 Patch Tuesday Bulletins

Today’s advanced notification outlines 7 patches in next week’s June Patch Tuesday; 2 are critical and 5 important.

Affected software runs the gamut, as usual, and the first critical bulletin is for IE. Last month, IE saw a lot of activity, first with the out-of-band patch released on May 1, a point fix released as part of May’s Patch Tuesday and a vulnerability that was publicly disclosed by the Zero-Day Initiative on May 21.We will have to wait and see if June Patch Tuesday is a cumulative update for the popular browser but odds are it will be.

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Here’s How to Keep Getting Free Security Updates for Windows XP Until 2019 – And Why You Shouldn’t

Have you heard the news?

A way has been found to trick computers into receiving security updates for Windows XP – even though Microsoft stopped officially supporting the operating system back in April.

According to a BetaNews report, this could make it possible for users still using creaky old XP to carry on getting security updates for another five years!

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8 Bulletins from Microsoft this May Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released 8 bulletins today – more than we’ve seen in in the last few Patch Tuesdays, and the impact spans numerous software categories. The May patch load includes 8 bulletins, 2 of which are rated critical for a total of 13 CVEs. The busy Patch Tuesday comes on the heels of the out-of-band patch for IE,

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Patch Tuesday Sounds the Death Knell for Win XP

So this is it.

The big one.

We’ve had false starts before, but this time Microsoft really *are* going to tell the world about security vulnerabilities in Windows and *not* patch them in XP.

As soon as Microsoft releases its regular bundle of security patches later today,

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Windows 8.1 Update – Microsoft forces users to update OS if they want future security updates

Most of the attention this week, from the patching point of view at least, has been directed towards the last ever security fixes for Windows XP.

Microsoft warned in 2007 that it would no longer be supporting Windows XP after April 8th, 2014, and they have kept true to their promise – meaning that all XP users would be wise to either upgrade their XP installations to a more modern version of Windows or,

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Final Patch Tuesday Quietly Ushers Out XP and 2003

2 Critical 2 Important

In the final Patch Tuesday for Windows XP and Office 2003, Microsoft released 4 patches today, two critical and two important that cover a total of just 11 CVEs. While an unusually small Patch Tuesday, it isn’t surprising Microsoft included final fixes in XP and Office 2003.

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March Patch Tuesday: Time to Update IE Again

Microsoft released 5 updates for a total of 23 CVEs on today’s March Patch Tuesday. Two patches are rated Critical and the remaining bulletins are rated Important. Not surprisingly, the first on the list, MS14-012, is another cumulative update to all versions of Internet Explorer. It fixes 18 CVEs, including the IE Zero Day we saw last month that Microsoft addressed with the release of security advisory 2934088 on February 19.

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February Patch Tuesday Includes 7 Bulletins; Last Minute IE Addition

4 Critical 3 Important

Microsoft was looking to deliver a light Patch Tuesday this month, but added two last minute bulletins to the mix. February now includes 7 bulletins, 4 critical and 3 important, that cover a total of 32 CVEs. The patches address vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, Security Software,

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2014 Patch Tuesday Starts Off Light

IT will enjoy a reprieve in the first Patch Tuesday of 2014.

Microsoft announced today it will include just 4 bulletins next week and none of them are rated critical.

More good news comes in the form of Bulletin 2 which is a patch for the elevation of privilege vulnerability discovered in late November that was exploiting Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 users.

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