Who Owns User and Customer Experience Management?

There is growing industry attention to user, customer, and digital experience management—often condensed by the acronym UEM for “user experience management.” This attention is more than justified, but most of the buzz leaves out critical questions like, “What is user experience management?”, “Who really runs (or who should run) the UEM show in the digital age?”,

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User Experience Matters in Self-Service Provisioning

If you’re like me, you are increasingly becoming reliant on online shopping to replace the more arduous task of physical in-store shopping. I find this is particularly true during the holiday season when the idea of fighting traffic and elbowing crowds to desperately search numerous shops in order to find just the right gift for Aunt Phillis (who’s just going to hate whatever she receives anyway) gives way to the more idyllic setting of web-surfing multiple stores simultaneously from the privacy of your home while the dulcet tones of Nat King Cole playing gently in the background lull you into the holiday spirit (a little spiced eggnog on the side doesn’t hurt either).

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When Service Automation Expedites Technical Solutions

A company’s service department can experience a number of unexpected challenges on any given day. Maybe network service is lagging, customers are having difficulty accessing their accounts, or an internal employee discovers that his tablet is no longer working. These types of service challenges are no doubtproblematic, but are far less cumbersome when resolved with the help of Service Automation software,

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The Internet of Things … Has Already Arrived!

Enterprise has long-anticipated the advent and integration of the “Internet of Things,” a concept which refers to the projected rise of interactive, independent internet devices, so transformative it will usher in a new era for enterprise. Among its many revolutionary aspects, the “Internet of Things,” (IoT), will allow more objects to be represented digitally and controlled remotely,

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Automating Change: The Key to Proactive IT Management

By Steve Brasen

EMA, Managing Research Director – Enterprise, Mobile & Endpoint Management

Reflecting on my earlier career in IT management, I have to confess to a level of astonishment at how naïve IT administrative practices were just a decade or two ago. Failure events were common,

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Service Automation: Key for Maximizing IT and Business Efficiency

By Jim Frey

EMA, VP Research, Hybrid Cloud & Infrastructure Management

The dual revolutions of consumerization and cloud have certainly caused much disruption within and around IT. And universally they have also increased the expectations of IT end users. IT-enabled workers and the lines of business they represent are looking for a fast response to new technology needs combined with high levels of service quality—all at a minimum cost.

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How to Optimize Your Service Delivery with Ease

The ability for IT organizations to deliver quality services can significantly impact a company’s overall operational efficiency, productivity and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. While companies undoubtedly recognize the importance of maintaining a high level of service delivery, achieving optimal operation isn’t always easy. Are there procedures and processes in place that are working against each other?

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