CIOs impacting the business

Be the technology expert
The CIO is the business’s technology expert. He or she must forge strong alliances both inside and outside the enterprise, championing the organisation’s core business and ambitions. Few business goals can be realized in today’s world without effective IT. He or she must work with other members of Senior Management to define what is required and how it can be achieved, with technology as the enabler and shaper. 
The CIO must: 
  • Extract, protect, analyse and interpret critical business data  to ensure accuracy, availability and integration –not just security
  • Present and measure IT within a business context to ensure IT is aligning with the greater goals of the organization 
  • Align solutions to the business’s maturity road map to realize the steps that need to be taken, set realistic expectations, implement structures in place to support new initiatives, and determine the impact on personnel and resources
  • Increase competitiveness against other businesses in their space. 
It is fundamental to fully interpret the organization’s’ business intelligence and have the right processes in place to be able to extract key data on your IT enterprise. This is vital to the success of the organization as a whole.