Developing a Hybrid Approach

I was recently asked what led to the realization to create a Hybrid environment for our customers. I originally thought that this will be a tough question to answer without divolging too much about the business but it is actually quite simple.
It hit us over the head one day that we’d been in the business for over 20 years delivering on-premise applications and we had built this new Cloud application and a number of our customers we were talking to had a hard time choosing between the two, and then it occurred to us that we can do both. We offer both, all we have to do is make them available together.
Our product line gives our prospects the option of the delivery model that works best for them. With a new executive team on board, beginning January 2012, we put that vision into practice with the existing product lines to reflect the hybrid model giving our customers the option to choose the deployment option that works best for them. 
Additionally, from a cost perspective, this enables the customer to take advantage of both operating and capital budgets. 
Our world keeps on changing and I talk to CIOs every day that say “This is future-proofing me. I don’t have to put all my eggs in one basket. I can go with a hybrid model and wherever the market goes, wherever technology goes, I have flexibility.”