Enterprise Mobility Challenge #4: Empower Employees with Self-Service

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) WhitepaperThe last of our four-part blog series on Enterprise Mobility Challenges discusses how you can empower your employees. See part 1: Defining Company-Specific Best Practices, part 2: Supporting Employees on Multiple Endpoints, and part 3: Maximizing Security.

The shift toward personal device ownership and the consumer-like nature of mobile platforms lends itself to user self-sufficiency.  This strategy provides users with the tools and information to be able to help themselves, rather than traditional forms of self-service that focus on providing answers to common questions.

Enterprise Mobility end users should be able to provision their own devices; this will help to reduce the number of service requests IT receives. A consolidated application delivery system, such as a mobile AppStore, can provide a “one-stop shop” experience for accessing all business applications, virtual applications, and web applications. Similarly, data can be stored and distributed through a secure share or other centralized repository. All provisioning procedures should include approval and authentication processes to ensure resources are only accessed by authorized personnel.

Sometimes, however, end users will require admin assistance.  Users should be able to easily initiate a service request and provide all details of the incident for support personnel to understand the problem.  Since users have a wide range of technical abilities, it is often not practical for administrators to talk them through a problem resolution (particularly if the device they are having problems with is the smartphone they are talking on).

To simplify this process and enable prompt problem resolution, administrators should have remote access to all supported endpoints, allowing them to see and resolve any issues. In the event a device is damaged beyond repair, all business data on it should be backed up and easily recoverable

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