Gestion des PC et des serveurs (DSM)

Gérez les terminaux depuis une console unique

HEAT Desktop & Server Management (HEAT DSM) est une solution multiplateformes unifiée de gestion des terminaux. La solution apporte les fonctionnalités suivantes:

  • Automatisation des packages
  • Déploiement des logiciels et des systèmes d’exploitation
  • Gestion des patchs contre les vulnérabilités
  • Inventaire des actifs logiciels et matériels
  • Gestion des migrations des systèmes d’exploitation Windows, des environnements virtuels, des fermes de serveurs Citrix

  • La suite DSM intègre l’ensemble des outils nécessaires pour gérer et sécuriser les terminaux depuis une plateforme intuitive et unifiées.

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    The DSM Software Factory video
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    Why HEAT DSM

    Software Packaging & Scripting Engine

    Software Packaging & Scripting Engine

    HEAT DSM features integrated packaging capabilities that automate packaging of operating systems, applications, system configurations, drivers and more with easy to use packaging and scripting wizards without the need to rely on 3rd party packaging tools.

    Software Lifecycle Management

    Software Lifecycle Management

    HEAT DSM fully automates software provisioning, configuration and remediation tasks to efficiently manage physical, virtual, and mobile endpoints across their lifecycle. From initial installation to retirement – HEAT DSM has you covered.

    User-Centric Management

    User-Centric Management

    With HEAT DSM you can assign software to users and devices which saves valuable time when you can differentiate the installation of user-related and device-centric portions of software.

    Policy-based Management

    Policy-based Management

    HEAT DSM features policy- based management, with which IT departments can not only save time, but also respond quicker to changing requirements. Compliance is monitored autonomously, and any exceptions to the predetermined policies are flagged immediately so that IT can take necessary actions.

    Product Capabilities


    See How Our Customers are using HEAT Products

    City of Sioux Falls

    Our help desk staff use HEAT DSM every day. They like having one image to push.

    Clayton Siegfried
    IT Support Supervisor

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    With DSM, a small staff can manage and provide updates to a large number of clients and servers

    Riaan van der Westhuizen,
    Infrastructure Architect

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    We bundle the packages once only and make them available to the client in a virtual shopping cart. This not only saves a lot of time but also money. We also can focus much better on our core business, for example managing our user help desk

    Christopher Clauss
    IT Administrator

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    We needed to implement a new, configurable Desktop and Server Management (DSM) and ITSM solution to satisfy our complex requirements. Choosing HEAT Software turned out to be an excellent decision — the solution gave us everything we needed. We’re extremely satisfied.

    Marco Fröhlich
    Head of IT Support and the helpdesk

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