FrontRange at Pink Elephant

Last week’s first annual IT Service Management Leadership Forum help by Pink Elephant was a successful event. The show, focused on helping IT leaders learn, lead and be successful in their IT endeavors, was jam-packed with breakout sessions on anything and everything IT Service Management related. The sessions I attended were great. Most of the topics were around service delivery and how people, processes and technology affect the delivery of a service. Pink Elephant staff led each session with the help of key, industry experts on topics which include IT frameworks and standards, market changes effecting the service delivery process, demonstrating ROI when adopting best practice structures, cost of IT service to the business, and cloud technology.

Two emerging themes in the ITSM market were heavily talked about: social IT and the cloud. Sessions were dedicated to how cloud technologies affect service delivery, how cloud ITSM tools can be managed and what ITSM leaders need to know about the cloud. In addition, Social IT was being greatly discussed on the show room floor and had a session dedicated to IT roles and how they can help or manage social activities from the business.

The first annual IT event was a roaring success with over a hundred IT leaders in attendance. The sessions were well attended, drove great conversation and helped me understand what IT leaders need to learn, and focus on for today’s IT market.