Gain Control of Your IT Infrastructure with These Tips

Maintaining truly efficient management over an IT infrastructure can be a sizeable challenge for any company, even those who have managed expansive IT departments for years. Why? In light of rapidly evolving technologies and systems, it’s become increasingly difficult to quickly and effectively adapt to new procedures and processes, and as an IT infrastructure is one of the most influential components of a business’s success, consistency in high-level IT service is critical. This means that companies can no longer get by with reactive approaches to IT management; they must now engage in proactive strategies and strive to achieve optimal control over systems and services at all times.

But just how can companies gain better control of their IT infrastructure and services given the ever-evolving IT landscape?

One of the easiest ways to optimize performance of company’s IT infrastructure and services is through the implementation of service automation, whichallows companies to streamline recurring processes that would otherwise consume valuable time and energy if attended to manually. FrontRange’s HEAT Service Management is one example of an ITSM solution that provides service automation to enhance service support processes for IT help desks and call centers. HEAT workflows are easily configurable and can be extended for mobile access, which means that service technicians can quickly respond to assignments and inquires regardless of their location.

In addition to service automation, an overall focus on simplification is another effective way to maintain optimal control of an IT Service, regardless of how the field evolves going forward. When corporations focus on maintaining a simplistic approach to managing their IT infrastructures and services, cost-effectiveness and increased efficiency are inherent results. Solutions like the HEAT Client Management drastically simplify the often overly-complex environment through automatic software provisioning, configuration and remediation, while affording a more unified approach to management.

Upgrading to a more advanced management platform is also an essential component of acquiring full control over expansive, rapidly evolving IT services. An advanced management dashboard, like those in HEAT Service Management, afford companies a consolidated view of every operation across its enterprise to make things like extensibility and the integration of various processes both more visible and highly configurable. When real-time information and the power to implement changes can be channeled into a single, accessible platform, companies are better equipped to enhance workflows and increase overall productivity.

Finally, elevating options for end-user service can also significantly improve a company’s handling of an IT service, as the more customers can do for themselves, the lighter the load on an IT service support team. FrontRange’s HEAT Self Service is one such example of a solution whereby customers can gain control of their service experience that increases company productivity and efficiency. Through HEAT Self Service, customers can submit requests, receive status updates online, gain answers to commonly asked questions, reset passwords and find solutions for a variety of other routine problems. The company employing a self-service program in turn benefits from decreased call volumes, lighter workloads and optimal levels of staffing.

How will your company gain better control of its IT infrastructure and services?