Hosted Virtual Desktops

Is your virtualization strategy delivering the expected cost and efficiency savings?

FrontRange DSM automates the management of hosted virtual desktops so you can reap the cost-saving benefits of this breakthrough technology. To realize the benefits of Hosted Virtual Desktops, you need a solid imaging strategy.

Rather than relying on fixed images, FrontRange uses a more flexible building block approach to help keep your environment in sync. No need to rebuild the image over and over again. Simply update the master by assigning packages for patches or other software. FrontRange DSM can help you standardize and automate your virtual desktop infrastructure.

Hosted Virtual Desktop management. It’s just another way FrontRange is helping you get a handle on the next generation of client computing.

*Source: Gartner, Forecast: Hosted Virtual Desktops, Worldwide, 2010-2014 (2010 Update), Ranjit Atwal, December 2010.