How CIOs Do More With Less

I met with the CIO of a large manufacturer last week that, like many companies, is grappling with the seemingly contradictory goals of improving service quality and compliance while maximizing operational efficiency and reducing IT costs. “Do more with less” becomes an especially challenging directive after so many years of belt-tightening. At FrontRange, we continue to be committed to helping our customers deliver superior business performance through the relentless improvement of service quality. 

FrontRange is the only provider of Hybrid IT software solutions for organizations of all sizes, and we believe that our ability to offer customers a suite of applications that supports flexible deployment options (on-premise and cloud), advanced functionality and complete service and client management capabilities enables our customers to push forward with improving service quality while maximizing efficiency.  

Superior business performance through the relentless improvement of service quality

As Chief Technology Officer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with customers around the world, and I am proud to say that FrontRange is the only provider of Hybrid IT software solutions for organizations of all sizes. With our suite of HEAT Service and Client Management applications, we can offer customers, from a single platform, flexible on-premise or cloud deployment, advanced functionality, and complete capabilities. This differentiation enables our customers to continue to improve service quality while maximizing efficiency and lowering IT costs.

Flexible on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployment

When customers choose HEAT, they gain the freedom to choose between on-premise and cloud deployment—or a combination of both. We know that requirements inevitably change over time, so with HEAT, customers can easily move their service desk from on-premise to the cloud, or anywhere in between. 

Advanced functionality to deliver better service at lower cost

Many customers have harvested the low-hanging fruit of efficiencies, and the next level of service improvements will come from advanced technology and automation. For example, voice, which is an integral element of many call centers, can be integrated into the service desk to drive better service at a lower cost. Our customers tell us that some 40 percent of the calls that come into the service desk are for password reset. What if you could automate that task and instantly increase the efficiency of the service desk and free agents from tedious work? With HEAT, you can.

Integrated Client and Service Management for a complete solution

Our customers tell us that the ability to handle both Client Management and Service Management on the same platform allows them to deliver better service at lower cost. The service desk can manage and control all kinds of clients from a single pane-of-glass—and that ultimately gives them broader insight into service management.

For instance, when a user runs into a problem, the service desk agent can quickly see if the user’s computer is up-to-date, and push new software to the client if necessary. The problem is resolved faster, and the user gets back to work.

Having a complete solution has other benefits, too. As one customer explained, with the integration between Client Management and Service Management, she could see what software users have and where it is installed, which gives her the information she needs to decide whether the company had enough software licenses or if they needed to purchase more. She also had insight into whether the company could consolidate and eliminate software that was no longer being used. And that added up to a big cost savings.