How Service Automation Improves Security

Service automation refers to an approach to streamline operations via automated processes. While service automation has been widely sought by companies for its ability to reduce costs and increase productivity, this technology also makes corporations more secure. How? First, let’s consider how the discovery of a security threat would be handled by a company without service automation. When handled manually, a security threat would first be reported by users to the company’s help desk. Then, a service analyst would spend time investigating and identifying the threat, and once confirmed the company’s IT team would be notified. The IT team would in turn spend additional time searching for the correct patch to block the threat, request approval to manually implement the patch across the company’s network, and add this latest patch information to the company’s management system. Once that was completed, the IT team would then inform the help desk, which would in turn update customer records and notify customers of the solution via email. If that sounds like a lengthy and tiresome process, we agree. There’s no telling how long a customer would need to wait for confirmation that a security breach was handled with manual service. However, with service automation, managing security is far easier. For example, were the same security threat to be present, an automated system would instantly detect and identify the new threat and immediately download the proper patch to test. The patch would be pre-approved and logged into the system’s records, and the service desk would be automatically notified of these changes. The system would in turn quickly deploy the patch, update compliance policies, and configure all items. Users would then be immediately notified of this update to security. It’s therefore easy to see why service automation is a better option for managing corporate security. Service automation reduces the number of channels necessary to enact a security update, and therefore reduces the amount of time a network is exposed to dangerous threats. Learn more about how service automation can improve corporate security by viewing our infographic.