Hybrid IT Is Gaining Traction

I recently stumbled upon iCorps Technologies, an IT outsourcing and services company in North Eastern US. They recently posted the top 3 key benefits of Hybrid IT. Hybrid IT is gaining momentum in the market and among industry thought leaders was ranked number 5 in a recent Gartner analysis of the “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013.”

In short, they summarized the top 3 proven business reasons outlining why hybrid IT models are a better business decision that pure cloud:

  1. Cost-effectiveness of the cloud with performance of on-premise
  2. Adaptability to changing business needs
  3. Security and control of data

Read the full post here.

Hybrid IT clearly delivers the financial and technology flexibility that fits specific IT requirements depending on CAPX or OPX budget requirements, the softwaredeployment model, and the optimal TCO depending on the lifecycle of the IT software solution. We have entered the post-cloud era with Hybrid IT optimized solutions giving you the ability to adapt to the heated business environment at the speed of light.

With this knowledge, why haven’t you chosen Hybrid IT?