Introducing HEAT Software

Today marks an important new chapter in the evolution of service and unified endpoint management with the merger of FrontRange and Lumension. The two companies are merging to form HEAT Software and I’m thrilled to be heading the newly formed organization as CEO. I should hasten to add that the new company will feature a blended management team with executives from both organizations. By bringing together the two leaders of hybrid service management and unified endpoint management solutions under one “roof”, HEAT Software is going to be a force to reckon with. For starters, HEAT Software is now backed by the financial strength of private equity firm Clearlake Capital Group who initiated this merger with the acquisition of FrontRange. Clearlake had the foresight to merge their portfolio client Lumension with FrontRange to form an organization that is going to transform the service management and UEM landscape. HEAT Software now has a combined 350 employees and thousands of customers worldwide. And that means the newly created organization, with business operations worldwide, has the breadth and depth to scale R&D, product development, customer service, sales and marketing operations on an entirely new level. So, what’s the motivation for the merger? As part of our growth strategy, we see a clear opportunity to become the leading provider of hybrid service management and unified endpoint management software solutions. To do so requires a strategy to merge with or acquire complimentary companies that offer solutions and services that help fill out our portfolio in support of our mission to be a dominant player in these fast growing markets. We will continue to look for new products, services, solutions and partners that can help us achieve our goal. FrontRange’s merger with Lumension represents an important step in support of this vision. As a global leader in endpoint management and security, Lumension helps businesses protect their vital information and manage critical risk across network and endpoint assets. These capabilities dovetail perfectly with FrontRange’s service and client management technologies that are part of a service automation initiative that will transform how enterprises achieve greater efficiency in delivering uninterrupted IT and workflow processes across business units.