IT Service Week 2014 starts today

By all accounts, 2014 has been a tough year for IT teams. From ever-growing cybersecurity threats to ever-shrinking IT budgets, there have been a number of issues prompting IT pros to pull their hair out. Likewise, IT service desk professionals don’t always get the appreciation they deserve, despite their immense contribution to business operations.

It’s for these reasons that FrontRange is proud to be supporting IT Service Week in the UK (6 – 10 October 2014). ITSW is an initiative from the Service Desk Institute to give IT professionals some much needed recognition and to celebrate the importance of excellent customer service. With a range of promotional events happening this week, ITSW is a great way to showcase the truly vital work of IT professionals up and down the country and to recognise the very best IT teams in Europe.

IT Service Week

According to the Service Desk Institute, the main purpose of ITSW is to:

  • highlight the dedication of the entire service desk team – first line, second line and field engineers in delivering great customer service
  • let work colleagues and customers know how vital the role of the IT support analyst/engineer is and that the IT service team committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations
  • ‘blow the trumpet’ of the IT service desk staff who work hard and go that extra mile to ensure the technology in their business continues to function
  • boost the morale and teamwork of the IT service desk
  • recognise and reward those teams and employees who deserve it

At FrontRange we’re keen to show our support by any means necessary. We’ll be sponsoring live webinars with the SDI every day this week; promoting ITSW offers (including free donuts); Joining the conversation on social media via the #ITSW hashtag; and even giving away a free iPad Mini for the lucky winner of our ITSW competition

We believe that this week is the perfect chance for organisations to thank their hard-working service desk superheroes so we’re encouraging everyone to get involved – we certainly will be.

Be sure to follow IT Service Week on Twitter using the #ITSW hashtag and via the @FrantRange and @SDI_institute feeds. Good luck and enjoy IT Service Week!

ITSW webinars