It’s HOT in DC in February

FrontRange’s mission is to make our customers as successful as possible. In February, Total Wine & More (www.totalwine.com), a HEAT Cloud ITSM customer was in the midst of their pilot program – so what better way to showcase their plans then at their very own “Annual Store Manager’s Conference and Expo” in the DC metro area. The purpose of this event was to gather store managers, district managers and AVPs to show them what the corporate office is working on – like new product offerings, policies/procedures and innovative technology. The goal was to make it fun and interactive. The internal store communications team took action and heated things up!

FrontRange and Total Wine

Richard Melencio, Sr Analyst, Total Wine reached out to Diego Jimenez and Heather Gray, his FrontRange account team. They worked together to prepare a demo for the expo participants that showcased their new IT service management system and how it would benefit them directly. The theme of their expo booth was “The HEAT is on,” which explains the flame shirts in this photo (a generous gift from Total Wine to the FrontRange team – thank you!!). Diego was on onsite for the event and enjoyed being part of the Expo. Great teamwork, great technology and lots of fun!