ITSM Puts the Cap on Cloud Computing

Introduced a few years ago as a mere buzzword, cloud computing is now used in many media publications. There are many applications: ERP, BI, CRM, BPM … so many options available in the cloud. In this context, it is now interesting to note that the phenomenon of Cloud Computing seems to democratize IT Service Management (ITSM) offerings.

Having been largely a market driven by traditional licensed ITSM solutions, a new distribution model opened. It is also interesting to note that now the majority of implementation requests in ITSM for Cloud deployment. This is mainly due to its faster implementation, enhanced functionality and controlled deployment costs.

Among the galaxy of Cloud offerings available, now stands a successful, new approach: Hybrid Cloud ITSM.

Choosing Hybrid Cloud ITSM allows access to many benefits:

Flexible: choose a single solution for service management deployment models with on-site and in the cloud allows you to use both operating expenditure budgets and investment.

Scalable: Hybrid Cloud ITSM integrates automation services with, for example, fully integrated voice capabilities that maximize efficiency and reduce costs of resolution services up to 70%.

Complete: management capabilities with end-to-end integration allowing the standardization of business processes across the enterprise and improve the MTTR to 75%.

The Hybrid ITSM solutions can quickly apply for a service or a change, automatically approve and authorize the request, plan appropriate corrective measures, automatically deploy changes to end users, verifycompliance level agreements, and continuously monitor a portfolio of services to ensure service quality and customer satisfaction.

The hybrid approach is particularly suited to the needs of companies of all sizes who want to overcome the technical and financial constraints. These can then focus on their craft and sustainably increase theirperformance by accessing ITSM platforms quickly.

This article originally appeared in Experts-it.fr