Client Management

Automate the software lifecycle for increased productivity and reduced costs

Did you know that each year up to 33% of desktops and laptops need to be reinstalled due to expired leases or technical problems? Or that 28% of companies still deploy and configure their PC workstations and server farms manually? Now, with influx of more devices and operating systems, automating software deployment becomes even more critical.


Let automation work for you. HEAT Client Management helps you accelerate your IT operations for initiatives like major OS rollouts, hardware refresh, managing the IT side of mergers and acquisitions, and deploying software to distributed global sites. Let us help you with:

  • OS migrations—Windows® 10 and other migrations
  • Office upgrades—Office® 365
  • Software rollouts and automated configuration changes
  • Virtual desktop initiatives
  • Standardization
  • Citrix® server management
  • And more


HEAT Client Management provides endpoint management for desktops, laptops, servers, and virtual environments. It enables your IT department to automate, regulate, and simplify how they manage software. The powerful solution automates IT operational tasks, from packaging and installing applications and operating systems to monitoring and maintaining endpoints for improved systems availability, compliance, and end-user productivity. It gives you the power to dramatically reduce IT workloads and streamline how hardware, software, and users are managed across the lifecycle—from procurement and initial deployment, to daily operations, maintenance, and all the way to retirement.

  • Save time and money by automating day-to-day IT management tasks
  • Improve control with 100% visibility of the status of your infrastructure
  • Ease complexity by managing desktops, laptops, servers, and virtual environments from a single console
  • Get multi-platform support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Citrix
  • Easily integrate into applications, such as service management and ERP

With the unparalleled level of automation of HEAT Client Management, you can complete even complex tasks in the blink of an eye. With just a few mouse clicks, you can package and deploy operating systems, applications, drivers, or system settings and configurations.

Grafik: Heat Client Management
Grafik: Heat Client Management Life-cycle Workflow

Key Capabilities

Based on proven NetInstall® technology, this solution features the Software Factory and Packaging Workbench, with intuitive wizards that facilitate the creation of all types of packages—from operating systems and applications to system configurations and drivers—in no time at all.

Set up processes and best practices just once, and it automatically adapts existing software packages for use in desktop, server, and virtual environments. This allows consistent, repeatable deployments, with the knowledge that every machine will look the same. With HEAT Client Management, customers reduce the time spent on package creation by up to 85%. With the Packaging Workbench, you can edit package scripts with a very powerful scripting language (drag-and-drop scripting—no coding required).

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Proven NetInstall technology dramatically simplifies IT management by automating application management tasks with a single-console interface for packaging, testing, deploying, and configuring software applications. Intuitive dashboards and wizards do much of the heavy lifting, providing automated operation for all types of IT tasks. With HEAT Client Management, customers can reduce the time spent on software deployment by up to 95%.

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Save valuable time and eliminate sources of error by automatically packaging the operating system, drivers, and configuration—reducing not only the effort of the initial deployment, but also the amount of time spent on ongoing administration. The solution provides zero-touch imaging and migration to automate new system rollouts (such as Windows 10) and technology refresh cycles. Customers can reduce the time spent on OS deployment by up to 75% using HEAT Client Management.

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The integrated patch management solution, HEAT PatchLink, provides a high level of automation for all phases of patch management, from identifying vulnerabilities in the network and selecting relevant patches, to quality control and rule-based implementation. It’s available for desktop and server operating systems and third-party Windows applications, and a System Center plugin is available. It decreases the risk of exposure to hacking and malware by reducing the time to install patches by up to 80%.

Patch Management

Transparent overview of all IP-addressable hardware—including servers, desktops, laptops, network printers, and switches—and software on the network, provides an important part of a complete IT inventory that you can always keep up to date. Hardware and software is tracked quickly, easily, and accurately. This helps you locate an IT asset and avoid fees on IT assets that have been decommissioned. With HEAT Client Management, you can reduce the time spent to track down hardware by up to 95%.

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Automated backup and migration of user states for all users on a computer improve employee productivity and provide IT departments with the flexibility to react quickly to errors or changes.

Personality Migration allows you to fully automate the backup and migration of user states for all users on a computer. Because it’s deployed and executed in the background, users never need to interact with the program. The solution automatically records all user data and settings such as desktop layout, personalized adjustments, document templates, network connections, plus file and folder structures. The Registry Selector also takes registry keys and values into account for proprietary applications. You can save user states to local, LAN, WAN, or removable media and recover various file versions. In the case of malfunctions or during migration projects, you can restore personalized user environments in no time at all it. This reduces productivity loses and keeps cost-intensive on-site support to a minimum. The solution features excellent scalability, unmatched cross-platform (e.g. Windows 7 -> Windows 10) and cross-application version (e.g. Office 2003 to Office 2013) personal-setting migration, and can be fully automated with Client Management scripts.

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An integrated troubleshooting tool enables authorized IT staff to access and control all systems on the network. This includes servers, clients, laptops, and user-free systems. Problems can be identified and corrected from a remote location, which speeds resolution times and helps maintain availability and employee productivity. You can reduce the number of on-site engineer visits by up to 99% with HEAT Client Management.

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HEAT Client Management comes with integrated expert knowledge that greatly simplifies the configuration of the Desktop or Servers for you. Seemingly any desired settings can be automated using the wizards and the dialog based script editor of the Packaging Workbench (roughly 170 commands are available) or even come prepackaged as configuration templates. This includes configurations for Firewalls, Security setting, Service configurations, Local password changes etc. Only a few steps are required to accomplish many IT management functions, reducing Total Cost of Ownership by up to 70% compared to manual IT management.

Replicate configurations to clients and to servers throughout the enterprise, from the same unified console. Quickly deploy servers to augment capacity and keep up with user demand, without having to add new server hardware.

Synchronize server configurations and utilize ready-to-use packages for OS and Citrix XenApp components to eliminate inconsistent software states and configurations that endanger availability and increase support costs. You can improve overall customer satisfaction by reducing the mean time to repair by up to 75% when troubleshooting Citrix servers with HEAT Client Management.

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