On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid Service Management Deployment …Which Makes Sense for Your Company?

As demands for IT automation, self-service, and dynamic operations grow, effective service management becomes an increasingly important facet of acompany’s success; yet, many IT departments are struggling to meet these demands. It’s for this reason we’ve developed the HEAT Service Management solution, an incredibly flexible application that makes all aspects of service management, including service requests, remediation, and authorization, far more efficient than traditional manual methods. Cloud applications have dramatically changed our market. Cloud applications deliver exciting advantages, but on-premise applications can be best for some organizations. As always, choice is good. Because having only one option isn’t an option! As companies consider launching our innovative HEAT Service Management application, they’ll be faced with an important question: on-premise, cloud, or hybrid application deployment? A company’s answer to this question can determine the extent to which cost and efficiency are optimized. Here are 8 key questions to consider. 1. Do you focus on year 1 costs or a long term TCO? Cloud Preferred: • Year 1 costs are lower with SaaS (50% to 75% less) • Save money on servers • Prefer annual subscription model On-Premise Preferred: • 3+ year TCO typically favors on-premise • Overall consulting costs similar • Prefer perpetual license model 2. What is the state of your IT resources? Cloud Preferred: • Lowers requirement for IT services • Data and application moved offsite • System administration needs are reduced • Upgrades managed by vendor On-Premise Preferred: • Will require IT support • Data and application are local • Plan for local system administration • Upgrades are do-it-yourself 3. What is the nature of your system integrations? Cloud Preferred: • Limited number of integrations • Well defined and understood • Typically static and one-way On-Premise Preferred: • Need a number of integrations to other applications • Evolving and complex • Typically dynamic and bi-directional 4. Does your organization have experience with Cloud? Cloud Preferred: • Other Cloud application(s) in place • Cloud understood and accepted • Executive support for SaaS On-Premise Preferred: • No Cloud application(s) in place • CRM and ERP applications have been deployed on-premise • Executive team see Cloud applications as a risk 5. What is your history with Application upgrades? Cloud Preferred: • Bad history with upgrades • No current upgrade process • Generally lacking in-house skills On-Premise Preferred: • Good history with upgrades • Established upgrade process • The right skills available 6. Rate your readiness for ‘out-of-the-box’? Cloud Preferred: • Organization is ready to embrace standard applications • Business is more standardized • Bad experience with custom applications On-Premise Preferred: • Applications tend to be more customized • Business is highly unique • Have aptitude to sustain customizations 7. How are your users distributed? Cloud Preferred: • Highly distributed user base • More complex upgrade process • Reliable internet access On-Premise Preferred: • Centralized with fewer locations • Upgrades more localized • High quality servers 8. Are Cap Ex or Op Ex budgets more favorable? Cloud Preferred: • Operating Expense budget preferred • Smaller financial impact in year 1 • Annual subscription preferred On-Premise Preferred: • Capital Expense budget preferred • Larger financial impact in year 1 Purchase of perpetual licenses At HEAT Software, our HEAT Service Management application is available with flexible deployment options: On-Premise, Cloud, or as a Hybrid, which combines On-Premise and Cloud with the ability to move seamlessly from one to the other. Each company will need to thoroughly consider their own IT needs to determine which deployment option will work best, and our HEAT Software support staff is happy to discuss these options with you. Learn more about deployment solutions for HEAT Service Management bycontacting us today.