How Service Automation Makes a Difference. Explore HEAT Software solutions in a whole new way with interesting infographics on topics including best practices, change management, and more.

The Weird & Worrisome Evolution of ransomware

The threat of ransomware has increased greatly over the past five years as more and more variations are added to an ever-growing arsenal.
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Anatomy of a Cyber Attack: ransomware

Ransomware has become more sophisticated and more pervasive over time, but understanding how it works will help you prepare.
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Maximizing Efficiency Through Service Automation

“Most incidents are closed within 24 hours, easily surpassing our targeted metrics.” Gerry, Service Desk Manager

Effective Change Management Through Service Automation

82 % of organizations consider effective change management as important to their IT operations.

Empowering Your Mobile Workforce with Service Automation

Workforce Mobility is all about ensuring the portability of business IT resources (applications, data, email, messaging, and web services)

How Service Automation Makes a Difference: Controlling a Security Breach

Service Automation cuts down on required steps, reducing the time your company’s resources are potentially exposed while security threats are resolved.
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How Service Automation Makes a Difference: Securing a Lost Phone

Minimize the exposure of sensitive corporate data and negative impact on productivity.
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How Service Automation Makes a Difference: On-Boarding New Employee

Assistance is required from multiple departments when bringing on a new employee.

How Service Automation Makes a Difference: Supporting a User Problem

The VP of Sales needs to modify a price quote in Excel, but is encountering problems with Excel on his tablet.
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Queensland University of Technology Case Study: Improving Service Delivery Through Better Workflow Automation

With an emphasis on delivering high-quality services, there is a need to provide a responsive and efficient experience for staff and students.
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