Cloud Service Management

Customer Service: Maximizing Service Management Beyond IT
Scheduled for December 8th with Paul Kelsey at Kifinti Solutions Inc. and Mike Heberling on the benefits of leveraging the ITSM platform for Customer Service.

How (and Why) IT Service Management is Evolving in the Digital Age
Both the rules and the roles governing IT Service Management (ITSM) are evolving between IT and its service consumers. In this recorded webcast, learn what extremely successful ITSM organizations do differently, and how they support mobility, cloud, and other emerging trends.

Smart Service Desk with an ROI
When you automate routine inquiries like password reset or system outages, you’ll see an immediate return on investment and free up Service Desk agents to support more complex issues. This webinar includes the HEAT voice-enabled service automation solution.

Cloud vs. On-Premise ITSM: Is There a Clear-Cut Winner?
Industry trends suggest that hybrid cloud/on-premise ITSM solutions are the wave of the future. So why have analysts at Gartner predicted that 30 percent of the companies that are using cloud-based ITSM tools will go back to premise-based solutions? When it comes to choosing an ITSM solution, is a cloud-based model inherently superior? Watch this webcast to find out!

How to Transform Your Service Catalog into a Service Enabler
One of the critical building blocks in achieving optimized service delivery is the Service Catalog – a means of offering services to end-users in an easy-to-use catalog. In this session we look at some of the key challenges to optimizing a service catalog, and how to transform a static service catalog into one that becomes a true extension and enabler to the business.

Unified Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management

The Real Reason Apple Users Are Treated Like Second-Class Citizens
As Windows support requirements continue to dominate the focus of enterprise endpoint management efforts, an increasing number of Apple device users are becoming frustrated with being treated as second-class citizens. At the heart of the problem are Windows-centric practices and solutions that do not comprehensively translate to supporting Mac and iOS platforms. However, adoption of Apple management point solutions that operate independent of existing Windows administration platforms only add to management complexity and fail to achieve service reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Top 6 Things to Consider when Migrating to Windows 10
Windows 10 is here! Are you ready to deploy it in your organization or are you going to wait for any bug fixes first? Whether you are actively planning an enterprise-wide Windows 10 deployment or not, the influx of new devices onto the corporate network means you need to be able to manage them. In this webcast, learn how you can reduce time and money on your OS deployment with our 6-Best Practices Approach to managing a Windows 10 migration.

Endpoint Security

Bridging the Patching Gap in Microsoft System Center
The majority of vulnerabilities are non-Windows platforms and non-Microsoft 3rd party applications. How much time is spent patching within Microsoft System Center?
In this session we discuss practical methods to improve and automate the patch process for the most targeted 3rd party desktop applications and non-Windows server platform while reducing the time spent building updates and improving audit readiness.

2015 Data Protection Maturity Threats
After so many massive data breaches in 2014, it’s small wonder that data protection is such a hot topic today. In this session we look at data protection challenges identified in the fourth annual Data Protection Maturity Trends survey security including the current threat and regulatory landscape and what organizations can do to develop and implement both administrative and technical controls to address these issues.

Greatest IT Security Risks for 2015: 6th Annual State of Endpoint Risk
User-centric risk tops this year’s concerns: what is IT doing about it? 78% of respondents to the 2015 State of Endpoint Security study say negligent, careless employees not following policy are IT’s biggest threat. Watch the webcast and learn about the evolving IT threat landscape and today’s top-5 risks and the corresponding strategies to combat these threats including detect and respond, big data and threat intelligence.