White Papers and Reports

Cloud Service Management

GartnerMagic Quadrant for IT Service Support Management Tools

In this report, Gartner examines the IT Service Support Management (ITSSM) tools supplied by 10 vendors. Based on Gartner’s analysis and supported by interviews with actual users, the report gives you insight into the evolving offerings of the leading vendors.


EMA Research Report: What is the Future of IT Service Management?

Based on their worldwide survey of IT management professionals, this report by EMA Research summarizes the outlook for IT Service Management. Read this report to learn the current state and the future plans for the people, processes and technologies that deliver IT service.


Best Practices: Maximizing Efficiency Through Service Automation

Is your IT organization faced with delivering a higher level of service and support at lower cost? Learn how Service Automation helps IT organizations deliver world-class service by addressing challenges such as cultural transformation, technology silos and mobile readiness.


Effective Change Management: Maximizing IT Reliability Through Service Automation

Technology changes within organizations are accelerating with the advent of cloud computing and workforce mobility. In this paper, learn the business value of automated change management, which elements of your ITIL process can best be automated, and best practices for automating change processes.


Unified Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management

Survival Guide to Multi-Device Support in the Age of Mobility

As operating systems and device types continue to proliferate, so does the company’s threat surface and endpoint management complexity. At the same time, IT must continue to provision devices in a way that enables end user productivity


Structured Patch Management Reduces Risk and Keeps Business Alignment

The purpose of security patching is to reduce security risk but it may also increase IT operational risk by introducing a change to the IT infrastructure. In this report, Gartner discusses how effective patch management mitigates risk by eliminating domain-specific activities and applying standard processes across all enterprise systems.


Empower Your Mobile Workforce: Adopting Service Automation to Achieve Unified Endpoint Management

In order for IT administrators to successfully empower their mobile workforce, management processes must be adopted that enable broad but secure end user access to business IT resources. Read the EMA Report and learn 3 key strategies for transitioning IT Operations to support workforce mobility with Service Automation.


The 7 Best Practices for Resolving Emerging Challenges in Unified Endpoint Management

Increased use of emerging technologies, particularly in regard to virtualization and mobilization of IT resources, are changing how enterprise services are hosted, provisioned, and employed. To be effective in the adoption of these new capabilities, organizations must enable management solutions that keep pace with the expanding technology. Read the EMA Report about the 7 best practices for resolving these emerging challenges in Unified Endpoint Management.


Endpoint Security

SCCM Practical Patch Compliance

Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager doesn’t handle every aspect of Linux/UNIX and third-party application security. Here’s how to augment and leverage SCCM to close the gaps


Ransomware: The New Normal in Malware

Ransomware, cyber-extortion, digital blackmail. No matter what you call it, attackers are directly impacting your organization’s operations and productivity by encrypting your data. Read this whitepaper to get an in-depth look at how this new cyberscourge works, and what you can do to protect your systems against it.


Windows Server 2003 End-of-Support: How to Securely Extend Service Life

Microsoft withdrew support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015, but many companies are still continuing to use the software and that has serious implications. Here’s how you need to respond to protect your organization’s information assets.


2015 State of the Endpoint Report: User-Centric Risk

Well-funded hackers with sophisticated tools made headlines, yet the primary reason endpoint security risk has become more difficult is due to negligent or careless employees who do not follow security policies says IT in the 2015 State of the Endpoint study by Ponemon Institute and Lumension, a HEAT Software company.


Intelligent Whitelisting: An Introduction to More Effective and Efficient Endpoint Security

Learn about an innovative approach to application whitelisting – one that integrates application control, antivirus, patch management and a trusted change management engine into one unified solution – to improve endpoint security and provide the necessary flexibility to optimize IT operations and user productivity.


Ransomware: Avoiding a King’s Ransom

Ransomware is the next big scourge to strike IT departments and the mission-critical data they protect. It’s not a trivial threat – one your organization is almost certain to encounter. Read this whitepaper to learn more about ransomware and how to defend yourself.