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As data breaches, malicious viruses and cyber-attacks plague global business networks, Lumension’s Optimal Security Blog provides a platform to educate and inform IT Security and IT Operations professionals on best practices approach to managing critical risk, protecting vital information and staying ahead of the threat curve.    

How Do I Simulcast the Optimal Security Blog on My Site?
Simply copy and paste a single line of code to your website or blog.

Step 1:  Choose the channel from our blog that you want to broadcast.  We have 6 security and risk management focused channels to choose from.   

Step 2: Choose whether you want to utilize the Lumension branded widget, or use modify the rebrandable version of our widget to match the style of your website or blog.

Step 3: Copy and Paste.

Choose Your Channel
Lumension’s Optimal Security Blog addresses the following network security topics.  Click one of the links below to choose your channel move on to Step 2:

  • Optimal Security : Get only Featured Posts from the following categories
  • Data Protection : Latest trends and challenges around data security, ways to prevent data loss and theft by enforcing removable device usage and data encryption
  • Endpoint Protection : Latest trends and challenges around endpoint security best practices approach to ensuring a trusted application environment via a whitelisting approach
  • Vulnerability Management : Latest trends and challenges around vulnerability and configuration management and best practices approach to integrated vulnerability assessment and remediation of security risks
  • Reporting and Compliance : Latest trends and challenges around Compliance and Risk Management, and ways to simplify compliance requirements
  • Patch Tuesday : Overview of monthly security bulletins, vulnerability updates and way to mitigate risk

Additionally, you may follow the Security Insights Lumension’s resident Forensics and Security Analyst Paul A. Henry, or follow our CEO Pat Clawson’s conversation in Clawson’s Corner.

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