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Chris’ Security Cache Contemplation: Week 4

Miscellaneous interesting news / tidbits I’ve run across whilst trying to keep up with/clean out my RSS feed …

Cyberczar. Lots of discussion about the “Cyber Czar” appointment in the US (apparently the EU is contemplating something similar) … who is it going to be? [some are suggesting Scott Charney, head of Microsoft’s cybersecurity division] what is the *real* remit? [apparently it will not include spying on the net] where will s/he work from? [NSA? DOD? well, apparently it is going be out of the White House, reporting to the National Security Advisor and senior White House economic advisor] when will the announcement be made? [soon, we are told, although previous such statements have proven optimistic]. Well, all this seems to have reached mainstream consciousness (sort of) … I was amused by Lalo Alcaraz‘s Saturday (06/13) La Cucaracha comic …

Probably a good summation of how “the man on the street” feels, eh?

A (Dark) Tangent. In a related note, new came out this past week that Jeff Moss (aka Dark Tangent), founder of Black Hat and Defcon, has been appointed to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. See here / here / here for more. Some say it’s an, um, odd choice … but I think it’s inspired, and necessary.

Botnet Recession? Interesting observation / suggestion / discussion from Cory Doctorow over at Boing Boing entitled Have botnet prices crashed? Check it out … 70 bucks for a 24-hour DOS attack?  Sheesh, looks like getting revenge on the HS Principal (or whatever) just is now well within reach of the average script kiddie. [Guess I should study my spam filter better].

StrongWebmail Update. As mentioned last week, StrongWebmail challenged the world to hack their CEO’s account. Of course, it was “Mission Accomplished” less than two weeks later, and this week they paid up. Good on’em, I say … but, please, no rematch, eh?!

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