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8 Bulletins, 3 Critical for August Patch Tuesday

Keep Calm and Patch On


IT departments will get a bit of a reprieve this August Patch Tuesday. While 8 bulletins may seem high at first glance, 3 of them are considered critical and just 1 – bulletin 1 – impacts the current code base.

With 8 bulletins today, Microsoft’s year-to-date total is 65 patches. For anyone keeping track, that’s 7 more than what we had covered off on last year at this time. At the start of the year, we anticipated higher numbers in 2013 given Microsoft’s commitment to cleaning up the low hanging fruit out there. Last year at this time there were 35 important patches issued; we now see 40. Our criticals in 2013 number 25 with 35 in total for 2012. Good news there!

Getting back to this month, bulletin 2 impacts legacy code, primarily XP. Remember, XP is done in April so be sure to get your upgrade plans in place. Bulletin 3 rounds out the criticals with an Exchange issue.

As for our importants this month, bulletin 4 is an escalation of privilege across all platforms;  bulletin 5 is an escalation of privilege across all 32 bit platforms and bulletin 6 is a DoS issue impacting Windows Server 2012. Bulletin 7 is a DoS issues for Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 and bulletin 8 looks to be a DoS issue for Windows Server 2003/2008/2012.

All in all, not a bad month. More to come next week!