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iOS 9.3 to fix serious iMessages encryption flaw

For some time, Apple has forcefully pushed a message to consumers that it takes privacy seriously.

Here, for instance, is what Apple’s website says about its approach to privacy when it comes to iMessages:

Your iMessages and FaceTime calls are your business, not ours. Your communications are protected by end-to-end encryption across all your devices when you use iMessage and FaceTime,

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New Mac Malware and Adobe Join March Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released 13 bulletins for March Patch Tuesday today and five of them are critical. In all, we have just 39 unique vulnerabilities and thankfully, there are no zero days for IT to deal with this month. Despite the low number, quick patching remains important however, especially if your users are still on IE.

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State of Enterprise Security Still Shaky Says New Survey

Today, we’re announcing the results of a survey recently commissioned on the state of enterprise security. Conducted by Ultimate Windows Security, the report provides visibility into the uses, concerns and challenges that IT departments face in respect to endpoint security, patching, cloud applications and mobile management.

We polled nearly 700 IT professionals working at enterprise (1,000+ employees),

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February Patch Tuesday: And the Hits Keep On Comin’

If you thought February would be a light update month given January Patch Tuesday’s patch load of nine updates including end of support for the Windows 8 OS and all but the current version of IE, you thought wrong. Microsoft released a whopping 13 bulletins addressing 36 unique vulnerabilities in today’s February Patch Tuesday and 6 of them are considered critical.

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Final Support for Win 8 and IE 8, 9 and 10 in January 2016 Patch Tuesday

Microsoft isn’t messing around with the first Patch Tuesday of 2016. Today’s release of 9 bulletins, 6 critical and 3 important, include the last available updates for the 2012 disaster that was Windows 8 – not 8.1 – and Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10. The move is further evidence Microsoft is testing the waters for providing OS-as-a-service with shorter end of support cycles for anything other than the most current OS and browser versions.

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Who Owns User and Customer Experience Management?

There is growing industry attention to user, customer, and digital experience management—often condensed by the acronym UEM for “user experience management.” This attention is more than justified, but most of the buzz leaves out critical questions like, “What is user experience management?”, “Who really runs (or who should run) the UEM show in the digital age?”,

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12 Bulletins Close Out Final Patch Tuesday of 2015

In the final Patch Tuesday of 2015, Microsoft released 12 bulletins; 8 are critical and 4 are important. 8 out of the 8 critical bulletins and 2 out of the 4 important bulletins allow remote code execution, so this is a Patch Tuesday that should be taken very seriously. These 12 bulletins bring our total to 135 this year,

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November Patch Tuesday Blows Past Old Records

Today, on the November edition of Patch Tuesday, Microsoft issued 12 security updates addressing a total of 53 vulnerabilities. Four of them are rated critical and the remaining eight are important and the impacted software list is long. While last month’s patch load made 2015 the biggest patch year in recent memory, this month proves there is no slowing down.

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User Experience Matters in Self-Service Provisioning

If you’re like me, you are increasingly becoming reliant on online shopping to replace the more arduous task of physical in-store shopping. I find this is particularly true during the holiday season when the idea of fighting traffic and elbowing crowds to desperately search numerous shops in order to find just the right gift for Aunt Phillis (who’s just going to hate whatever she receives anyway) gives way to the more idyllic setting of web-surfing multiple stores simultaneously from the privacy of your home while the dulcet tones of Nat King Cole playing gently in the background lull you into the holiday spirit (a little spiced eggnog on the side doesn’t hurt either).

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