Thin Clients/Server-based Computing

Server administrators of Citrix and Microsoft environments face many manual installations and configurations on a daily basis. Manual installations are time-consuming, costly and susceptible to human error causing additional downtime of applications for the users. Users demand high performance and highly available applications, yet even slight differences in configurations or patching levels can reduce the availability of applications on individual servers.

FrontRange DSM enables you to eliminate administrative overhead associated with manually managing Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services. It secures, integrates and standardizes every software change. So your server environment is compliant, stable and highly available. We automatically support all of our prepackaged applications and create prerequisite packages for the Java runtime environment, Visual C++ runtime environment and required roles. We even include pre-built packages for Citrix XenApp software and management consoles. With everything you need at your fingertips, you can quickly create software sets that will automatically install Citrix Server and included applications to the Citrix Farm.