When Service Automation Expedites Technical Solutions

A company’s service department can experience a number of unexpected challenges on any given day. Maybe network service is lagging, customers are having difficulty accessing their accounts, or an internal employee discovers that his tablet is no longer working. These types of service challenges are no doubtproblematic, but are far less cumbersome when resolved with the help of Service Automation software, which can automate and streamline solutions to technical problems. Compared to addressing IT issues in a manual system, service automation saves time, expense, and increases overall efficiency.

Take for example the dilemma a company’s Vice President of Sales experiences upon discovering that a price quote cannot be modified in his Excel spreadsheet. The Vice President knows that this modification must be made as soon as possible to continue work and further a positive relationship with his client. To ensure that this is possible, with service automation software the Vice President of Sales would log on to his company’s online Self-Service portal, receive an article from the Self-Help database that recommends the reinstallation of the Excel program, initiate an automatic reinstallation which is in line with the company’s compliance guidelines and the software will fully automatically complete the task. In total, this procedure could take just minutes to complete.

If we consider a manual solution, which would involve calls to a support desk, manual lookups, emails and additional phone verifications, there’s no doubt that service automation is the most streamlined approach to resolving software issues expediently. Ultimately, when it comes to solving a technical problem, the fewer manual interactions involved, the less chance of delays and setbacks that could continue to halt production and decrease customer satisfaction.

See how service automation makes a difference by viewing our infographic, here.